Our stores

Here you can find our store locations. Please feel free to contact us:

Store nameStore addressWorking hours
Randeree Jewellers 151 Stephen Dlamini Road Musgrave, Berea 4091 Durban

Phone: 0312024701
Email: info@randereejewellers.com

PS. We are closed for lunch from Monday - Thursday from 12:45PM to 13:30PM & on Fridays from 11:45AM - 13:30PM.

Monday:  08:00AM - 16:30PM

Tuesday:  08:00AM - 16:30PM

Wednesday:  08:00AM - 16:30PM

Thursday:  08:00AM - 16:30PM

Friday:  08:00AM - 16:30PM (closed 11:45AM - 13:30PM)

Saturday:  08:30AM - 12:30PM

Sunday:  CLOSED